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When we upload videos on the jitter, besides the video content, copywriter is also a very important point. We can leave suspense in the copywriting to attract users to click on the video to watch the content. If we don't set the video cover, the video cover is a picture in the cut video content. If we don't set it by ourselves, it may be ugly. Moreover, if we set the cover screenshot by ourselves, we can write a sentence on the picture to attract users. We need to ensure that the video we upload is HD, which is very important for the user experience. At the same time, if the video quality is too low, it will also affect the recommendation of the platform. The optimum duration of a video is about 15 seconds -30 seconds. Xiaobian does not recommend that you release videos at any time, unless it is really required for video content, because the average video duration will exceed 30 seconds.